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The RnB Superstar, you probably never heard of……

Al Murray | 27 March 2021

J-Sol – One of Britain’s greatest underrated R&B Singer / Songwriters

I was getting ready for my radio show and I got a notification from an artist that I Follow across multiple platforms. J-Sol is a name that might ring a bell with you mainly because he appeared on X-Factor in 2018. Despite having released his own single independently in 2012, he never seemed to gain much attention. In fact, I only heard of him because someone I know in the UK, told me i should check out his Instagram page. If you followed him on any social media, you’ll know that his mothers death hit him pretty hard in 2015 and when he preformed his own song written for his mother on the auditions, the judges were in tears. Despite the performance not being his best (IMHO), he progressed through the show but fell out after judges houses where, to be honest, he didn’t sound his best and deserved to leave the contest. If you were to judge him by his X-Factor performance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you may never see him again.

Don’t go anywhere!

I have a feeling that if I go straight to his X-Factor performances, you’ll probably leave so before you have a look at those, check out the video that prompted this piece. This is another collaboration with Meron Addis. They are individually brilliant but in the words of Forest Gump, they go together like peas and carrots.

Social Media

He has a decent following on Social Media and you can check them out here: Twitter Instagram & Youtube

J-Sol and Meron Addis – Peaches Cover

J-Sol’s X-Factor Audition 2018

J-Sol performs at Judges Houses 2018

J-Sol on Spotify

So for me, this is where he shines. J-Sol has a ton of material out there for all to hear and for free (Mostly)  Check it out below. My absolute favorite is his collaboration with Meron Addis on the cover of Wild Thoughts.

I feel that had we not had Coronavirus in 2020, that it would have been a good year for him and I’m personally looking forward to catching him live either in late 2021 or, more likely 2022.

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Written by Al Murray


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